May Day Choir Convergence

On May 1st, hundreds of singers will join together to lift our voices for a more beautiful and just world.

5:15pm, May 1st, Madison Square Park.


Click here to view the score of the piece.

I Am Because We Are

As many of you know, on May 1st, Occupy, labor unions, faith groups, the immigrant justice coalition, and the NYC artists coalition among others, are working together to organize a day off from work, consumption, banking, and debt; a day dedicated to the infectious spread of community, mutual aid, art, music, and activism through the streets. A temporary gift economy will emerge, and self expression will be encouraged: public performances of art will proliferate and beautify our city streets.  

To participate in the spirit of this day, we are mobilizing a large group of singers to perform a new song based on the Ubuntu phrase “I am who I am because of who we are together.” We’re hoping to involve several hundred people in this singing action on May 1! The idea is that groups of 20-30 singers will meet at 5:30 in several set locations near Madison Square Park and begin singing the melody while making their way to the central location. Once we are all together, the song will explode into harmony and body percussion. This will go on for a minute or two, and then each individual will disperse, repeating the song until they can no longer hear any other individual who is singing the same song. We expect that it will be gorgeous. Anyone and everyone is invited to join the large gathering in Union Square afterwards, if they feel comfortable doing so.

Would this be something in which you and/or your choir and/or any choirs or singers you know would like to participate? If so, we’d be honored to sing with you! The commitment is minimal: we ask that singers spend a few minutes familiarizing themselves with the simple song beforehand, (see both recorded track and sheet music here) and then join us from 5:30-6 at set locations near Madison Square Park on May 1st.  For sheet music, click here.

May Day is an invitation to create the world we want to see - a world of solidarity in struggle, and overwhelming, freely available creativity. Whether or not you would like to join us for the choir action described above, please join us for May Day. If you have another art project you’d like to see on that day, check out for all the resources to realize your dream.

If you’d like to participate in the choir on May Day, email us at:

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